Niels Christensen

Through his work as a registered acupuncture therapist, Niels has encountered many survivors of abuse and as a result, he feels strongly about the importance of accessible professional counselling. When he is not working Niels enjoys family, friends, swimming, camping and weird movies.

Marg Heald photo

Marg Heald

Marg has been involved with the society for many years and is passionately committed to ensuring the availability of professional counselling for survivors of trauma and abuse. She appreciates the beauty and tranquility of her island home, time with family and friends, reading, gardening and hiking forest trails.


Maxine Donald

Impressed with the dedication and commitment of her fellow board members and volunteers Maxine is a long standing member of the finance and policy committees. In 2004 Maxine and her husband moved to Campbell River where they continue to enjoy brisk walks and a laid back island lifestyle.

Joyce Carson

Joyce Carson

As an entrepreneur and long term resident of Campbell River Joyce appreciates the opportunity to support her community. She believes we are fortunate to have a dedicated team locally to provide counselling to mitigate the negative impacts of trauma. She loves travelling, time with family, friends, gardening and being outdoors.

Joan Bond

Joan Bond

Joan believes in strong communities and the significant value counselling provides. For many years she volunteered for her local community association and after retiring from a neighbouring counselling organization she joined the NISHS board. Joan is an avid vegetable gardener who enjoys family and friends, walking, singing and curling.