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More Auction Information

  • To view items and their descriptions as well as their value, click directly on the item.
  • Bid on an item of your choosing and make sure to watch your email to see if someone has outbid you or if you have won the item at the close of auction. Or keep your browser open to get instant notifications.
  • If you have the winning bid, an email will get sent to you with a link to purchase the item and complete your order. (where you would like to pick up your item and how you will be paying etc.)
  • It is important to compete the checkout process on the items that you won. This process consists of providing your name and address.
  • If paying by e transfer. Please send one e transfer of full payment to if you have won multiple auction items

IMPORTANT: Remember to check your junk mail or spam folder for emails from NISHS

  • Once your order has been created, you can see your order by going to ‘My Account’ and clicking on “Orders”
  • If you choose to pay cash upon pickup, please note that you will need to bring the exact amount for that item as change will not be provided

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