Janet Carmichael

Executive Director of NISHS since 1996, Janet has over 30 years experience in educational and the non-profit sector.

Her educational background includes an Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario and credentials in Gender Studies, Gerontology and Therapeutic Recreation.

Janet loves Campbell River where she works, plays and resides.

The North Island Survivors' Healing Society Counsellors:

The counsellors are very experienced and engage in clinical consultation.

Dr. Sheila Haegart Ph.D.
is a registered psychologist who is contracted by the
Centre to provide this service.

CONTACT US: PHONE: 250-287-3325, FAX: 250-287-3397 or EMAIL: contact@nishs.ca

Celia Laval M.A., R.C.C.

Celia is a registered clinical counsellor who specializes in counselling adults who have experienced trauma or abuse. Her approach is collaborative and strength-based.
She has additional training in recognized approaches for healing from traumatic stress and enjoys integrating new information learned about the evolving fields of mental health and trauma therapy. She is inspried by the courage, resilience and changes made by the people she works with.
Prior to working as a counsellor, Celia worked in the field of education with people from all over the world. She loves living on the island, music, humour and connecting with friends and family.

Michael Pratt M.A., R.C.C.

Michael is a registered clinical counsellor with a background in trauma and trauma disorders. His style is to seek client strengths and create healing partnerships that facilitate a growing sense of self-awareness. Michael’s approach is an integration of several counselling schools, which allows him to adapt to his client’s style and their needs in a collaborative fashion. Michael is committed to theory - and evidence-based treatment for traumatic stress and is currently exploring sensorimotor techniques. The strength and willingness of the people he works with is a constant source of inspiration to Michael and he considers it an honour to assist with client’s healing and growth. Michael has worked extensively in post-secondary settings, the non-profit sector and in private practice. Before becoming a counsellor, Michael was a logger. Island born, he feels at home here and expresses his love for the land through painting and photography.

Maria Prince M.A., R.C.C.

Maria is a registered clinical counsellor who worked for many years with individuals struggling with trauma and abuse at the Family Justice Centre in London, England. Her core training is Transpersonal, which integrates a broad range of approaches, including expressive therapies. Maria believes that healing and reaching one's true potential occurs when body, mind and spiritual levels are involved. She continues to be inspired by the strength, courage and resilience of her clients. Maria feels that she has finally come home. She loves the peace that comes from being surrounded by nature and having her hands in the soil, tending to her garden.

Diane Brussell M.A., R.C.C.

Diane is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, EMDR, and Somatic/Expressive Arts Practitioner who offers a body-centered psychotherapy and a variety of creative modalities to enhance traditional verbal counselling. Her approach is client-centered and seeks to discover how and where her clients want to be moving through this life. Writing, song, dance, movement, yoga and theatre offer a multiplicity of channels for expression, extending and enhancing the possibilities of personal articulation and empowerment. All of these venues provide a profound capability for personal resilience, self-acceptance, forging compassionate connections, renewed hope, laughter and tears. Diane seeks to provide tools to continue an affirmative life of self-discovery and expanded possibilities, believing that human beings have an endless reservoir of potential. She enjoys gardening, time with family, community and has a deep love of learning.

Comments from former clients:
Thank you for:

“being a catalyst for change for me”

“helping me become clear on what I really want and need to do”

"realizing my true potential and helping me to turn my life around”

“helping me to be the person I always knew I was inside”

“helping me see that part of myself that is the best part of me”

“I now know that I have the power to look inside of myself to live each                                  day with strength, courage, and the ability to love and respect myself"

The North Island Survivors' Healing Society Board of Directors:

Diane Orser

  Diane joined the Board of NISHS in 2014. She was very impressed with the philosophy and wide range of counselling services that NISHS offers. She has been a teacher and principal in Campbell River for 26 years and has enjoyed working with children, parents, teachers and administrators in a collaborative environment. Diane has hosted meditation in her home for the last 20 years as she feels that there is a need to reduce stress in our lives. She enjoys family, vounteer work, reading and life in general.

Niels Christensen
Niels is a Registered Acupunc-ture Therapist who has held a private practice in Campbell River for over 20 years.

Niels has encountered many survivors of abuse through his work and as a result, feels strongly about the importance of accessible professional counselling.

Niels enjoys time with his family and friends, hiking, camping, cycling and weird movies..

Maxine Donald
  Maxine and her husband moved to Campbell River in 2004 and have since enjoyed the more laid back lifestyle that this part of the world provides.
Maxine had an extensive career in the banking industry with particular emphasis on lending admnistration. She is an active member of the finance and policy committees. She is enjoying her involvement with NISHS and is very impressed with the dedication and commitment of her fellow board members and volunteers.

Tracey D.
  Throughout her career Tracey has worked with people in a variety of contexts, primarily as a teacher and employment counsellor. She has worked with adults affected by abuse and believes that NISHS plays a vital role in restoring the whole person to believe in their value and to break the cycle of violence. Her educational background includes degrees in education and in sociology.
She enjoys living in Campbell River, family time, music, art and nice hot summer days.

Joyce Carson

  Joyce is an entrepreneur who has spent much of her life in Campbell River where she raised two daughters. Through her business Joyce has seen that trauma and abuse can profoundly affect one's health and well being. She believes that it is important to have accessible counselling and that we are fortunate to have a dedicated team to provide this important service in Campbell River. Joyce enjoys family and friends, gardening, being outdoors and has a love for travelling. She appreciates the opportunity to support her community through her work with NISHS.  

Susan "Micke" Harris
  As an active social worker Micke has, for over a decade, provided psycho-social support for individuals who have experienced a range of issues including addiction, violence and severe and persistent mental illness. Micke is both new to Campbell River and new to the NISHS board and she is looking forward to the journey. She loves walking in nature with her dog “Shadow.”

Ryana Nalleweg

  Rayna has lived in Campbell River for 5 years where she is currently enjoying an active lifestyle, family, travel and raising Goldendoodles. Through her varied career Rayna has provided individual and group support for individuals in numerous capacities including violence, addiction, and suicide risk and most recently she has worked as an employment counsellor. Rayna supports professional counselling for individuals affected by trauma and abuse and is looking forward to discovering her role as a new board member with NISHS.  
Bonnie MDougall
  Island born, Bonnie has lived in Campbell River with her partner for the past 18 years. From an early age Bonnie learned the value of community work and is looking forward to her first term as a board member for NISHS. She has enjoyed a varied career in business, government, health care and other part time gigs in between raising a child. In her free time Bonnie enjoys family, friends, reading and all things art.

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