What is TRAUMA?

Many events may cause a traumatic response. Some trauma is caused from abuse. Other events that may be traumatic include accidents, injury, medical diagnosis, animal attacks, natural disasters, war and witnessing violence.

A traumatic event involves an experience or repeated experiences that overwhelm the individual's ability to cope or integrate the ideas, emotions and physical responses involved with that experience.
After a trauma a variety of symptoms might simply not go away including any of the following;

Nervous Energy, jitters, muscle tension Changes in the way you think about yourself Fear, inability to stay safe Becoming withdrawn or isolated from others
Upset stomach Changes in the way you think about other people Sadness, grief, depression Easily startled
Rapid heart rate Heightened awareness of your surroundings Guilt Avoiding places or situations
Dizziness Lessened awareness Anger, irritability Becoming aggressive
Lack of energy Difficulty concentrating Numbness Change in eating habits
Teeth grinding Intrusive images Inability to enjoy anything Restlessness
Feeling out of touch with your body Nightmares Loss of trust Increase or decrease in sexual activity
Risk of health problems   Loss of self-esteem  
Emotional distance from others  
Intense or extreme feelings  
Whether or not you experienced trauma and/or abuse recently or in childhood,
professional counselling can help .... It is never too late.


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